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Looking for a big buck property that is ready to hunt with blinds in place for your convenience? Or a wide open deer hunter's paradise that is free to hang, hunt, and enjoy? Whatever your ideal hunting situation may be, We've got the property for you! If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know.

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Our goal is to match you with your perfect hunting property. We have a variety of property options that produce BIG BUCKS and dream hunting opportunities!

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Tree Farm - 139 Acres

We call it the tree farm because it ha several acres of planted trees around a pond but this property offers plenty of woods and cover a great place to go get in a Tree.


Baseball - 89 Acres

The neatest place. Ways to approach from all directions. Some may take a little longer but worth the effort. This is a not huge, but great property. It has fencerows a matchup area and a nice woodlot that they frequent. Great place to hunt. 


Claypool - 71 Acres

Right outside of Claypool! On the edge of city limits you will be one of the few gun hunters hunting those bird feeder bucks as we call them. It's close enough to be handy to town but with the layout of this property you have it all from thick timber woods or chest high bedding grass. There is even a long narrow pond that would be great to ambush a buck in the warm early archery season. This would be a great lease for someone who wants to hunt the edges and leave woods for the deer to have a sanctuary. 

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